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1 a person who chooses or selects out [syn: chooser, selector]
2 someone who gathers crops or fruits etc.

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  1. One who picks.
    The apple picker climbed the tree.

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Bauer, agriculturalist, agriculturist, agrologist, agronomist, banjoist, coffee-planter, collective farm worker, crofter, cropper, cultivator, dirt farmer, dry farmer, farm laborer, farmer, farmhand, fiddler, folk guitarist, gentleman farmer, granger, grower, guitar-picker, guitarist, harper, harpist, harvester, harvestman, haymaker, husbandman, kibbutznik, kolkhoznik, kulak, lute player, lutenist, muzhik, peasant, peasant holder, planter, plowboy, plowman, psalterer, raiser, rancher, ranchman, reaper, rustic, sharecropper, sower, string musician, strummer, tea-planter, tenant farmer, thrummer, tiller, tree farmer, truck farmer, twanger, violinist, yeoman, zitherist
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